Nintendo’s Latest Rewards Mislead Club Nintendo Members

1080snowboardingboxNintendo has updated its “Club Nintendo” rewards for the month of January, and some players may be a bit confused by the listing. On the Club Nintendo rewards page, there are two rewards listed for the Wii U: F-Zero for the SNES, and 1080 Snowboarding for the N64. However, this listing is somewhat misleading, as only one of the titles is actually available on the Wii U E-Shop.  In order to play 1080 Snowboarding, Wii U owners must open the Wii Channel on their systems, pull out a Wii Remote and a Classic Controller, and download the title to the legacy Wii menu.


The screen shot above was taken straight from the Club Nintendo rewards page, and as you can see, the title is listed as a normal Wii U download. I understand Nintendo’s perspective, the Wii U could benefit from more titles, but this is more than a little misleading.

listingThis screenshot was taken from the game’s details page, and this is where Nintendo makes it clear that 1080 is really a reward for the original Wii, and that Wii U owners are essentially emulating this functionality. The game is completely playable on the Wii U, and if someone was truly excited to play this title, they can do so with no problems on the Wii U. However, Wii Mode on the Wii U does not support the new Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii U Gamepad. In order to play 1080, you will need not only an original Wii Remote, but an additional Wii Classic Controller. This illustrates a problem, and Nintendo need to either clean up their messageing, or open up Wii mode to additional control options.

The Wii U has become more and more robust with every software update, and I have no doubts that this problem will eventually fade as the Wii U E-Shop begins to over take the Wii Shop channel in terms of content.


  • Iron Ballz

    They started doing that last month.

    • nickmoore92

      It’s true, this isn’t the first time they have used the Wii U label the wrong way, but a high profile N64 release like 1080 seems to have ruffled more feathers.

  • Ian Battles

    Let me buy these old games for my 3DS with play coins.